A great place to start is the community and mates you are already in. Whether you contact us directly or ask a question on our social media channels, you will find answers, support and guidance to everything you need during the journey.

First Home Owner Grant

The first home owners grant (FHOG) is pretty handy when buying your first home.  If you buy brand new or build a home/unit or townhouse in Qld you may be eligible for $20,000 – and it has just been extended until June 2018!!

This is a great kicker to your savings journey, or maybe even the first few months furbishing your new home.

Find out more at First home owner grant.

Stamp duty concession

For a long time the hidden gem in the first home owner and even owner occupier market is a stamp duty concession.

When purchasing your first home/unit or townhouse/vacant land in Qld  you have your stamp duty waived or discounted!

Check out more information at first home concession.

Super saver

The newest player to the game is the governments Supersaver. Basically, you are able to make additional contributions to your super in your pre-tax income – kinda like putting it into an account you can’t see or touch which, let’s face it – would be handy so we don’t spend it!

Once you have saved enough you are able to withdraw the funds to put towards your new property.

Handy Tip: If there are two buying that’s $60,000!

For more information visit


Friends, Family and partners

Never underestimate the people you have right on your back door. Often we just need a push in the right direction, someone to share our goals with or keep us on track. A great place to start!