We wouldn’t buy groceries without knowing we have the cash, we wouldn’t go on a roadtrip without fuel; yet so many of us put a contract on a home without a pre-approval – crazy!

Check out our 5 top reasons why a pre-approval is so important:

Reduce your stress

We are told that one of the most stressful things during a home journey is waiting for that finance approval. Combining shortening timeframes with nervous excitement means that starting a finance application only after holding a signed contract is no different to racing the 100m starting from the 200m mark. Now unless you are Usain Bolt, turn the sprint finish into a jog.


Know the Rules

A pre-approval will provide you the rule book to your game. Whilst we all are the best in our family at Monopoly we don’t all get to pass go.

Knowing your borrowing capacity will give you the ability to search the right properties, understand your budget and negotiate with confidence.


Have the upper hand

There is a certain power that comes with knowledge, and our opinion is by knowing your borrowing capacity will allow you to get the edge when negotiating. You will know when to hold them; and know when to fold them, just remember never to count your chips whilst sitting at the table!


Begin to create your network

Whilst the property journey has many stops, twists and turns we have some great news; at every stop is someone who has your interest at heart. By introducing a Brixn mortgage broker early will provide you incredible insights to simplify your journey.


Shop Around

With time brings choice. If you are focused only on an approval you may have to settle with the first loan put in front of you. On the other hand, by seeking a pre-approval first you are able to shop around, compare and agree to the right loan for you.