It’s moving day!! 

There are so many things to think about when moving,  especially when all you are focused on is turning the key to the front door.

So let us make it easier for you with these top 5 tips to moving day.

Removalist booked?

Oh it’s good to be organised, ready for your stuff to arrive,  sleeping in your new place the first night…

Hot Tip! Don’t book your removalist to deliver your gear on the day you move in!!

It’s not nice to think about, but things can go wrong!  We have seen it before…moving guys sitting in the truck waiting outside your new home for a 2pm settlement or keys to be handed over.  BAM…settlement pushed back and you’re stuck paying the removalists to drive around with your stuff for a few hours,  or worse-paying to store it for a few days!!

This doesn’t mean you can’t sleep in the new place first night… bring a mattress. Some cozy blankets and order a pizza,  consider it a like camping.


Let there be light!

I’m guilty of this one… forgetting to call the electricity company so you have power to move in. Let me tell you…it is hard to drag boxes inside a dark house when you haven’t figured out where the walls are yet…

This is one you can generally do before moving in,  it’s just a matter of the electrical company switching the names on the connection.

Keep in mind if it’s a new place you may need somebody to stand around waiting for an electrician to arrive and flick a switch.  Make sure you take entertainment because it’s a long wait with no power and sometimes no access into the home…

Quick tip: check if you have gas, because the first shower would be much nicer without cold water!

Let us help with Brixn Express


Got mail… ?

Nothing like opening your first letter addressed to your new home….oops, forgot to update my address…

There are more things to update than you think..

Bank,  rego for the car, drivers license, water,  electricity,  insurances, Medicare,  electrol role, health care, phone,  doctor. ..the list goes on…

There are some quick easy ways to do it..

  1. Get a forward through your local post office for 3 months. This gives you the time to make all the changes as your mail comes in.
  2. Use some of the links below and/or jump on the websites to change address for what’s missing.



Now for the part we all wish we didn’t have to do… cleaning the old place.

I recommend you hire someone to do a full bond clean on your old home for a number of reasons

  1. No one really enjoys cleaning 😉
  2. If it’s a rental property you may find without a paid bond clean you will not get the return of your bond money
  3. This will free up time for more of the fun stuff like unpacking your new home

Make sure you schedule the cleaner for the day after you stuff is moved.

Should you decide to clean the home yourself just remember a few things,  carpets generally need to be professionally cleaned,  don’t forget the top of your fans and clean windows go a long way to making the place look smick! And try to have fun,  pump up the music and slide around the house in your socks!

Make sure you check the carpets in your new home before moving the furniture in…a clean home is a happy home!!

Cleaning hack.. Use an old pillowcase to clean the dust off ceiling fans by slipping it over the blades,  that way no dust will fall of floors or furniture.


No time to play

Clearing the schedule for moving day is important. Moving always takes longer than you plan and can be pretty exhausting. Try not to arrange a stop in to see a friend for coffee or anything that might delay your progress.  Instead offer for them to come see the new house but warn them they will be put to work,  or give them the task of bringing lunch…make sure you are taking regular breaks and keeping yourself fueled and hydrated!!

Tip: A warm beer is no help; once your fridge is installed wrap a wet paper towel around your beer and throw it in the freezer. 


Bonus tip

Remember to have fun!!

Stress never helped anybody,  so try not to worry about the small stuff.  This is a new exciting adventure… YOUR ADVENTURE!!  Don’t let anything make you forget it!


Happy moving day!!