A conveyancer has the incredibly important job of attending settlement and ensuring that you don’t become a squatter! They will register all the changes to your title and officially make you a home owner.

So, what can you do to help and prepare?

Get your contracts in order

Don’t hold off on sending your contract information through to your conveyancer. The sooner they have the information, the better they can assist you.

Be available

It is important that you know the key dates within your contract and be available for your conveyancer if they need your approval.

This could be extensions of times, confirmation of the conditions or simply to sign documents.

Your Brixn app provides a great checklist to keep these dates automatically updated, but a shopping list on the fridge works also!

Know the searches

Your conveyancer will provide you a list of compulsory, suggested and available searches for you to complete. This can range from title searches to traffic approvals.

By understanding the searches you will help your conveyancer help you.