We often lean into our first mortgage broker appointment with great anticipation, however if you become organized these meetings should be more about your goals, lifestyle and how we can make the home ownership journey enjoyable and less about lingo, bank talk and repayments.

So here are our top 5 tips before you see the broker.

Know your budget

One of the most common questions I get is; “how much can we borrow” – now I am going to be honest here. You are asking the wrong question!

You should understand your budget and be walking into your meeting saying; “this is what we can afford”. Please, do your budget, know how much you can put aside each week, each month for mortgage repayments and by doing that your broker will provide you the most suitable loan.

Understand the lingo

LVR, LMI, Interest Rate, Variable, Offset – it may be English, but sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. Spend a few minutes going through the lingo to get up to speed.

Best place to start is the Brixn Lingo Glossary 

Think about your time frames

By understanding your time frames the sprint finish will become a jog. What to think about:

  • When do you want to start looking at properties?
  • When do you want to begin negotiating?
  • Do you need to be in a property by a certain time?

Get your information in order

Getting your information in order to deliver at your appointment will reduce the lead time to application and allow you to concentrate on the cool stuff – like finding that dream property.

What do I need? Flick us an email and we will forward you a broker appointment checklist


Be ready to learn

Questions, Questions, Questions. This is a great chance to ask anything you don’t know and clarify anything you might. Your brokers sole responsibility is help deliver your home ownership reality with your interest at heart the entire way.