Only a week ago, local bank Johnny Tommy (25), was preparing himself for the most physical labour he had done since Grade 10 cross country.

Tommy was on the move after buying his first home, however the idea of shifting an entire house on residual fitness alone was not appealing, what’s more he couldn’t afford a removalist – cue Phil.

“I got in contact with a good mate who has a ute, it only took a few trips and we were done. Gave us a great chance to catch up; we even snuck in some FIFA and a few beers,” Tommy reminisces.

We caught up with Phil recently who recalls the day.

“Mate, I haven’t spoken with the bloke since Grade 6. He digs me up on facebook and asks to borrow my ute for a carton of beer – obviously that’s a decent trade,” the true blue aussie recounts.

“12 trips later I had finally moved the ping pong table. I still don’t know what Tom did, he said he was unpacking, but the only thing I could see set up was FIFA 2014,” continued Phil.

Throughout Australian culture exchanging beer for a service is a typical currency, so Phil wasn’t too upset about the hard work.

“What I couldn’t work out,” Phil explains, “is that we had 1 beer at the end of the day and somehow I walked away with 15 to the carton.”

Tommy was stoked with the move, going on to tell us that true mateship is alive and well.

Tommy’s parents weren’t available for comment after finishing his bond clean, Tommy is looking forward to have that money back.

We don’t all have mates like Phil, but we all do have Brixn and we would love help simplify your journey.