So we all have those days where adulting is hard!  We burn the fry pan,  splatter food all over the kitchen,  break the dryer or you’re just over it having just picked up all your kids toys for the third time and it’s only 10am… that’s why we have composed some of the most useful house hacks to help get you through through the hard times. Whether you’re building,  investing, buying or renting these hacks should come in handy!


Oven bliss:

Hands up if you hate cleaning your oven 🙌 surely I am not alone on this one, big goggles strapped to your head and gloves that seem to cover your armpits they are that long, all to stop those chemicals giving you a headache, or worse!  Not anymore, enjoy this oven cleaning hack and stress less about the rubbing and scrubbing.

one part water

One part baking soda

One part vinegar

Mix them together in your oven-safe container.
For best results dab some of the solution on the bottom of the oven and place the container with the rest of the solution on an oven rack.
Set your oven for 100 degrees and let it run for 45 minutes.
Wipe up all the loose gunk, and presto your oven is clean.
Fix your favorite pan

OK, it’s done for,  I got distracted by my favorite TV show and I burnt the rice to the bottom of the pan… time to throw it away right?…  Wrong!!  Try this method

2 lemons


Cut the lemon into enough pieces to cover the bottom of the pan (e.g. cut into quarters)

Add enough water to cover the burnt bottom and bring to a rolling boil.

You should start to see burnt specs peeling off the bottom of the pan

Let the water cool then dump it and the lemons,  you should be left with a thin layer of grime which you can lightly scrub and rinse.  And your pan has been rescued!


Slip and slide

The bathroom is my favorite room to clean! Said No One Ever!!

We can try help make things a little more simple with these 3 quick bathroom cleaning hacks.

Shower head: in a plastic back put 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water,  tie it around your shower head with a rubber band and let it sit for 30 mins.  Sparkling clean!

Shower grime: grab a spray bottle and mix equal parts vinegar, baking soda and water.  Get spray happy and spray all over your shower tiles, you must let it dry completely before returning to wash it off. No more mouldy tiles and grout.

Bathroom mirror: rub shaving cream into the mirror with paper towel, then wet a new paper towel and wipe it off…clean and fog free for roughly a week.


Satisfy your inner OCD

Linen cupboards always look super messy!! So how can we satisfy our inner OCD and ensure when we open that cupboard door we don’t have sheets and towels falling down around us??

Place your sheet/douna sets inside one of the pillows to stack neatly and keep all set together in one place.


Banish bad odor

Place a twilight candle in a jar filled with coffee beans to get that sweet vanilla coffee smell.  Strategically place them around your home to spread the joy.


For those summer nights

We all like a little dessert treat on a hot summers evening, but there’s nothing worse than opening up that ice cream tub to find its frozen solid and no spoon no matter how big is going to get through it!..  So you leave it for for 15-20 minutes to soften… well no more!  You can have your ice cream on demand!  Just store the tub in a ziplock bag in the freezer to keep it nice and soft.


Hard day at the office?

It’s been a hard day and all you want to do is sit down on the deck with a nice cold beer… but there’s none in the fridge… doh!

Wrap a wet paper towel around your stubby and pop it in the freezer.  You will have ice cold beer in 15 minutes. Just enough time for you to get changed into your comfy slippers.


Coloured keys

A new house comes with new keys,  lots of new keys… that you have no idea what to do with.  Never fear!  Whip out some coloured nail polish and paint the top of each key a different colour so you can see which key goes where.


Oh nuts!

Moved the furniture into the new house finally!  But placing your wooden table in the dining room you notice a few scuff marks from the move!?  Damn,  that table is expensive too!!

Don’t worry!  I have a strange one for you!

Grab a walnut, yes the nutty kind!  And rub on your scuff marks found on wooden furniture.  Clears it right up!  Told you it was strange.


That sucks!

Suction issues when you put the bag into the bin liner?

Just drill 2 holes near the bottom to release air,  presto no more suction issues when getting your bin ready!


We hope you get some benefit from these hacks,  And although we would love to take credit for them they are not our own.  If you have hacks you would like to share with the Brixn community send them to or post them to our facebook,  twitter or instagram!

Always nice To help a neighbour.