It is no secret that building your dream home is an incredible experience, filled with joy, compromise and STRESS!

Check out our top tips for building brick by brick.

  • North, East, South or West? The direction which your home faces may make all the difference. Don’t miss out the afternoon glow and amazing views.
  • Read your contracts carefully and understand them, even consider getting your Brixn conveyancer to run their eyes over it.
  • Always have a contingency for those over run costs – we would suggest at least 10%
  • Don’t stress at the size of the slab…it always looks smaller until the walls are up.
  • If solar panels are in your plans, ensure not only that your house is facing the right way, but have enough roof expanse to host the panels.
  • Placement of your windows can be important for cross ventilation.
  • Ask for the little things, i.e. TV antenna, towel racks or power points, these things are not always automatically included and location is important!
  • We are all pretty tech savvy these days so don’t forget your tech hub – think of a place for your computer, router, printer and Iphone station!
  • Pantry lights come in handy – as do pantries!!
  • Think of the everyday chores in your home, how hard will it be to lug the groceries into the kitchen from the car?
  • Block out blinds can help you sleep after a long day or come in handy for shift workers.
  • Are your bedrooms away from noisy areas?
  • You can never have enough storage! Try double rods in the cupboards or a walk-in closet.
  • Winter can get a little chilly, consider heated lamps in the bathroom
  • What about an outdoor gas connection for your BBQ?
  • Consider Tap placements around the outside of the home, you will need more than one.
  • Have you ever climbed into bed, gotten comfy and forgotten to turn off the light? No more – A light switch behind the bed and problem solved
  • Some extra things to consider…Hallway width, heating/cooling options and ceiling heights.

The road can get bumpy, so don’t forget to enjoy what you are creating.

You may never get it perfect or be able to afford the best of the best…but the journey can be a lot of fun!

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