When we focus on one objective it allows us to really execute that vision, so keep on your track and don’t divert.

As with anything though we need really good people by our sides helping us avoid the obstacles. I always think of it like a horse race, you throw on your blinkers (goggles with flaps on the side) to keep you tunnel vision towards the finish line. In your case that is the property you have your eyes set on.

But the jockey, they steer the horse through the field, keeping it clear of bumping, traffic and guiding the correct path to the goal. That is our community; the likeminded people, your broker, conveyancer and Brixn – guiding you through the journey.

So – odds are that this next bit of information will come in handy.

The What

The math

The example

Purchase Price

Check your budget



Stamp Duty



Finance costs (will vary)

+/- $500


Legal costs (will vary)

+/- $1,100


Building and pest (will vary)

+/- $550


Home and contents insurance (will vary)

+/- $1,000


Pro Rata rates and water (settlement)

+/- $600




We have purposefully left out the deposit, because as you know there are many options you can consider, some with extra costs, some with less.

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