Not being a huge fan of avacado on toast, first time home owner Ben Sprints founds himself having saved enough money to live out the Australian Dream.

Swapping his left to right swiping to up and down on, Ben soon found himself at open homes.

Talking to Ben now, it was clear he had found that perfect house when he walked through the backdoor and could image his brown border collie running tracks around the back fence.

“Yup, she was a cracker,” reflects Ben, “but I didn’t know what next.”

Guidance for Ben came in the way of his high school buddy, Jacko, who self proclaims to know everything Ben needed to win his upcoming negotiation.

“Maaate, glad you told me about this house – I am a gun negotiator,” mentions Jacko.

Having not negotiated anything since a leave pass from his wife for Broncos V Cowboys 2015 GF, Ben was all ears. He, like many Australian’s, found the negotiation of a new property quite daunting.

Not knowing the game rules, having to get his head around contracts, deposits and conditions was not something he wanted to go alone.

But, not Jacko.
“I once got a cracking deal on my car from Cheekygeeky01 on gumtree.”

“The bloke wanted $4,500 for his car; told him he was dreamin’,” Jacko told us, “still got the beauty, call her Betty.”

Through some helpful advice, Ben finally landed his new home. It wasn’t his dream home; but Ben settled on his 3rd choice; for the advertised price….But that’s okay.

We don’t all have a Jacko in our world; but we do all have Brixn.

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