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Never before has everything been available to you in 1 spot. Empower your home ownership journey today.

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It excites us to welcome you into our community as we introduce you to people going through a similar journey and extend our trusted brokers and conveyancers to ensure we deliver an exceptional experience. Share your home ownership journey today.

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As you stand at the foot of your mountain we often are unsure which path to trek first, Brixn illuminates this pathway as you begin to climb – we will even carry your bags! Explore your journey today.

Real time update

Let Brixn keep score and you just enjoy the game. With Brixn live updates you will know exactly what stage you’re up to. Unlock the secret to a simpler journey today.

Simplify the experience

Our passion is to see you realise your Australian dream; by delivering an exceptional experience that is simpler and more enjoyable than ever before.

We share in your costs

We understand that home ownership can be expensive, so Brixn is proud to offer our full service at no cost to you. All our partners agree to share in your costs by imbursing brixn for the privilege of supporting your home ownership reality. Experience your journey today.

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Looking at a second property? Congratulations on taking the leap again! To utilise all the features of the Brixn app from scratch, simply head to settings and select ‘delete all data’. This will keep your personal details but delete your purchase plan so you can start from the beginning of your journey.

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